Hudson River AT RISK

Over a century ago, The Hudson River, America’s first river, was a vibrant fishing community. Contrary to it’s genesis as the environmental movement, The Hudson River, has become an illustration of corporate greed, human wasteland, and lack of environmental policies. The Hudson: A River at Risk is an award-winning episodic documentary web series narrating the grave risk the river now faces.

Produced by National Geographic writer and filmmaker Jon Bowermaster


Inspired camera work and the written word combine to push documentary and marketing into the same space as a feature films. Regardless of genre, our sole purpose is to make the audience feel something without ever realizing why. You never want to see the hand of the filmmakers, you just want to experience it.


Chris Rahm, Devin Pickering, and Kashka Glowacka are film enthusiasts, serving as directors, cinematographers, producers, editors, and more. Northguild was established because we recognize strength in the sum of our parts. We call on seasoned creative visionaries to join us as we custom tailor a crew for each film. Meet the guild.


Award-winning story-telling is the result of captivating the audience. It involves characterizing a feeling and what’s taking place within the confines of a frame–where the story exists. Yet, it’s more than just a visual frame, it’s the music, the sound of the environment, the direction in which the camera motivates it’s viewers and communicates a feeling. Our awards don’t rely the gear we pack, or the speed at which we work, but our ability to help others find their stories and express them in emotionally impactful ways.


Northguild’s boutique agency is comprised of ripened film aficionados and fueled by a love for cinema. Whether for narrative or documentary, we are always looking for new stories to develop and the opportunity to partner with other producers, writers, directors and actors.


Northguild is a Hudson Valley, New York, based boutique video production company and agency for creative commercial filmmaking. We specialize in a high end, stylized cinematic aesthetic to help your business or organization tell its story.



For nearly a year the historic sloop ‘Clearwater’ was out of the water, on land, enduring what wooden boats have historically endured forever: Restoration. Onshore, swathed in tarps and protective sheets, the nearly 60-year-old wooden boat was carefully mended and updated. Built under the visionary leadership of musician/activist and Hudson Valley resident Pete Seeger, the ‘Clearwater’ continues to fulfill the original mission he envisioned, to help educate and share the plight of our local Hudson River environment as it luffs its sails and roams America’s “First River.”





The documentary follows three Hudson Valley residents over the course of a 10-week storytelling workshop. Along the way, the participants experience the transformative power of true storytelling; they face mental illness, childhood neglect and addiction head-on; and, ultimately, share deeply personal stories about love, loss and triumph.


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